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  • Description

    STARMIX industrial planetary mixers are designed to safeguard the health of consumers and to protect the environment: in fact, they are all fitted, as standard, with a lubrication-free planetary reducer (oil free) which guarantees complete product integrity even in particularly harsh processing conditions and at the same time eliminates the problem of waste oil to be disposed of. The planetary mixer is equipped with a completely watertight mixing chamber, which also allows it to be "pressurized" with air or inert gases for processing products that need to be "aerated" such as creams, light doughs, mousses in the food or chemical sectors or to obtain products whose density needs to be lowered in order to improve their organoleptic characteristics. In addition to pressurization, it is also possible to "vacuum" mix products, which is useful when their density should remain constant during production. This type of hermetic seal allows pressure washing systems (CIP) to be used and for them to be inserted in centralized washing circuits. In addition to the basic version presented above, STARMIX has developed other versions that allow special processes such as product heating and/or cooling, cooking and concentration for applications in the field of “gastronomy" and beyond.

  • Features

    The machine is equipped with an electronic speed variator (inverter)
    PLC to program up to 50 recipes, each with 20 steps
    Can work in manual or automatic mode
    Special "OIL FREE" planetary transmission system designed to eliminate the risk of contaminating the product with oil that could leak from the gearbox
    Doors at the front, 15 mm from the floor and fitted with coded sensors and bowl presence coded sensors ensure the highest level of operator safety
    Easily removable polyethylene or teflon scraper blades to make them easier to clean and replace, if necessary

    Standard accessories: 
    1 bowl with wheels, 2 mixing tools of your choice and 1 scraper

    Optional accessories:
    Tools other than the 2 standard ones chosen
    Bowls with valves of different sizes for draining washing water and/or transferring the finished product
    Wash heads to clean the mixing chamber, the mixing tools and the scraper
    Product temperature sensor
    Product transfer systems (pneumatic transfer buffers, bowl elevator/tippers, various types of pump)
    Various makes of PLCs and touch screens
    Remote assistance kit

Data sheet

Download data sheet:
Starmix - PL200C

Machine code Bowl capacity
Machine weight
Standard voltage
V / PH / Hz
PL200C 200 1420 7,5 + 0,75 = 8,25 400 / 3 / 50